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Since LPMG is rooted in the music business, it is a priority that the DJs are taken care of. "Real DJs break records" and LPMG's NewMusic4DJs (NM4DJs) division helps them do so by servicing new music from the premiere labels, as well as creating a network among all the major DJ crews and organizations. Read more...


In a new and ever-evolving world where technology is constantly reshaping how we reach our consumers, LPMG's online division offers services inlcuding social network management, email blasts, text blasts, targeted ad buys, and more. We reach your consumers where traditional promotions strategies don't.Read more...

graphics & PRINT

Our graphics and printing division provides professional design and quality printing fulfillment. Flyers, posters, banners, postcards, CD inserts, CD/DVD duplications, pop-up stands, and much more. We handle local and national orders, and create custom branding across all your marketing platforms.Read more...


LPMG Films is the video production division of Lex Promotions. LPMG Films helps clients strengthen their brands by offering fun, fresh, and professional high quality videos, commercials, music videos, and more. Our team includes directors, editors, designers, and producers. Read more...

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